Guilty Pleasures

It seems recently every time I walk in the room my partner hides their device, it’s like they don’t think I know they were holding it.  They move quickly to hide it or place it down on the table, sometimes they quickly jump up and enter into conversation like to distract me, other times they … More Guilty Pleasures

Creative Outlets

I am fascinated with the creative side of humans. Some people are able to create the most amazing masterpieces, whether it is art or engineering the ability for an individual to be able to come up with a great idea and then turn it into reality is really something to be amazed by. The other … More Creative Outlets

Gappy Days

The other morning I was telling my 8 year old about an event that was happening that day and how it made me feel excited as well as a little scared. He turned to me and said well Mum that means you are having a Gappy day today. When pressed for more information he happily … More Gappy Days

Surviving the storm?

Ever feel life brings you more than your fair share of storms? I wonder if everything in life went so smoothly whether it would provide us with as much growth and opportunity. When we are faced with a storm it presents us an opportunity. We usually need to make decisions, sometimes these must be made quickly and other times we have longer to ponder, but invariably a decision needs to be made. Some of us make that decision then look back and wonder if the another decision may have given us a better outcome, some of us find making the decision difficult and consult many people before choosing, some of us face the decisions head on and walk confidently in the knowledge we had made the best decision for ourselves at that time. … More Surviving the storm?